deals$35 for a $50 options egift card valid at gap…


Just an fyi - At the top of the page it reads:
"Welcome! This deal is invitation-only. Only those who've received a designated email are eligible to purchase it."


@jessiekaye: Wow, I totally didn't notice that. That's a first for Groupon as far as I know. I had no intention of purchasing it, so I didn't look too closely at the fine print. If you try buying this and it goes through, please let is know.


I tried buying - did not work.

"Sorry, this deal is invite only. This email address was not included in this round."


@rookie3001: sorry about that. I'll expire the deal. Thanks for letting me know.


I see that it doesn't work but even if it did will not buy from any Gap related company until they stop using angora rabbit fur harvested from China, because of the horrific treatment of the animals.


Wow - who knew they had this behind the scenes marketing strategy? Irritating. I buy from them all the time.


@toejammed: i get my rabbit fur from the good ol usa


funny. after i seen this deal I got an email and pow got my voucher. now just gotta wait for old navy to put up a nice deal off clothes.


@luke975: ok. so awesome. went to old navy in my town today, everything I wanted was marked 50% off. the $22 pants online were 12 something. plus I got $40 in super cash. for $35 initially, I'm getting $90 worth of stuff. yay