dealssave 75% on bulletstorm on steam for $5.00


This game is fantastic, and well worth retail. $5 is a steal!


Very fun game. Five bucks!? I'm going to harass all my cheapo friends now to get this :P


Damn... not for Mac... was about to buy it too! :(


@mrxiro: nice $2000 paperweight. hope the glowing white apple was worth it!


Anyone know if this is compatible with the 360 controller?


Who downvoted this? honestly?


@gsalrno: I use my PS3 controller with MotioninJoy drivers that result in my PS3 controller being identified in my control panel as "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller". I mention this because it is not truly a 360 controller, so I can't make any guarantees.

When I use my controller in the game, it is identified properly. The menus and everything properly refer to the A, B, Y, and X buttons.

In short, "yes".


@daklus: I do the same thing with my PS3 controllers. Most games work better with keyboard and mouse, but some games (Scoregasm, Super Meat Boy, Burnout) almost require a console controller.

Also, if you have Unreal Tournament 3 on the computer, you can hack it to play splitscreen with multiple PS3 (or 360) controllers.