dealsseagate barracuda 3tb internal hard driveā€¦


Price goes up to $139.99 when I click the link. What's going on?


You have to add the item to your cart, log in, and then apply the promo code to see this price.


Ah! You need to enter the promo code. ...I just bought 2.


had trouble getting my windows 7 to see 3tb at first, if you do, update your intel rapid storage drivers or latest MB drivers. Once installed though, I could move/write 100gb of data in about 25 mins!!! AMAZING! Fastest I've ever seen. But that was from an SSD drive to this one.


I updated the Intel Rapid Storage and I still can't figure out how to get a 3TB to work. Anyone have any good websites that could help. I've messed around with this for hours over the course of 3 months. Last night my power supply blew so I'm hoping all the information I was trying to back up isn't damaged......


Depending on the ICH version of your system, it will only see 750MB max in the Intel Rapid Storage. I can't remember the version I had but I had the issue. ICH 8 I think.

I went with a Windows Mirrored Drive and it works fine and IS faster than the Intel fake raid.

I was also dead set that the intel one if faster but it isn't, it's a software raid and uses with CPU just like windows does.

Feel free to research this:,or.rgc.rpw.rcp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.dGI&biw=1366&bih=653

Additionally, if I have a failure, I can pull out the Windows mirror and go to any other PC and get my data, this includes a USB<>SATA adapter and connect it to my laptop if need be.


Oh, and I was one of the unlucky ones, 3 weeks in, and I needed a replacement, god awful click and it wasn't found in windows. Newegg replaced it. Two weeks ago I also lost a drive again, sounded fine, I rebooted and was able to reinit the drive and has been fine since. Keeping an eye on it though.


FTR, there is a good reason Seagates are cheaper than WD. This is a component you don't wanna skimp on.


@kaisterbahn: All hard drives are mass produced on such a scale that any manufacture will have failures. I can tell you at my office we build our own computers so thats 160 per year and we only use seagate. I can tell you I may get 2 bad drives per year (not just new but from the used also) and we have 1500 computers with Seagate drives currently in use.

Everyone has their own brand just like everyone has their own sports team but in the end all manufactures will have bad drives out in the wild. I LOVE seagate's return process though, it's basically like buying a drive then you send it to them and they send you a refurb'd one back.

No human interaction needed just go right online and order it.


I bought these for the same price on Feb-11 (promo code I used at the time was $20 off $139). I'm using them in a Synology DS212J NAS set up as a mirrored RAID set. I picked them over the similarly priced WD red models (which are made for a NAS) because there are so many reports of reds failing in fairly short order. The jury is out on the DS212J (not sure I like it yet), but the Barracuda drives are quiet, cool, and perfect so far. I'm glad to see that these didn't fall to $99 each right after my purchase. :)


... meh. I'm holding out for 4TB's. Then I'll be willing to sell my 2TB drives on craigslist. a 3TB is just not enough of a change. ( 40TB home system. : )

Still, if I was building a new system, it would be tempting.


back in 'the day' you'd buy a high quality hard drive because they were too expensive to keep everything backed up. Nowadays, storage is cheap. Put your money on low price + customer service, and back everything up. Unless you're willing to pay a premium for better uptime, there's nothing else to be gained by paying more for storage.


So uhhh....if I want to put this into a desktop intended to store movies and stream, will this work? Or is there something better suited for such things?


This is a great drive. I use it in my media center machine, and according to Crystal Disk Mark it has over 7PB (yes, that's PETABYTES) of reads/writes, has had almost continuous uptime for 5 months, and has great transfer speeds (100MB-150MB between HDDs on the same system).

I was scared of buying a Seagate before this 3TB drive.. no longer. This drive gets punished by my HD DVR and torrents almost 24/7 and is still going strong. I need more storage and would buy this drive in a heartbeat if I had the cash. To those worried about quality, the sad truth is that mechanical drives will fail. Buying a brand or an enterprise drive is no guarantee the drive will last any period of time. Some drives fail the day you get them, some fail a week after you get them, some fail the day after the warranty expires, and some last years after the warranty expires. It's a mixed bag.

The bottom line is if you have data you absolutely cannot lose, it must be backed up. Period.


Seagate Barracuda's are pretty deplorable drives. I have used quite a few in my place of work. They are particularly bad in large RAIDed environments. It's a good $/GB ratio, but it is a very poor drive overall. Spend the extra couple of bucks and get a WD, HItachi or Toshiba drive. If you care about your data, that is.


@iarmitage: your response is not very helpful. It is a waste of time to promote one brand over another. Indeed every brand have high-end and econo versions of their drives, but to say all WD, Hitachi, and Toshiba drives are better is nonsense. I've had WDs,Toshiba, and Hitachi drives fail over the years. All drives can fail. Heat is the #1 enemy on HDs. If you keep your harddrives cool to the touch, they will most likely last years. I've used hundreds of drives of all brands and I like Seagate. I have had a Seagate raid running 24/7 for almost 10 years, and the drives are still running strong. As I said, the key is keeping things running cool. Fans are your friends.


@zapp brannigan: " LOVE seagate's return process though, it's basically like buying a drive then you send it to them and they send you a refurb'd one back."

So you're saying I buy a NEW drive and if it fails, I get a refurb drive? That sounds pretty bad to me.


These are the new drives with 1TB platters, which speaks well to both their access time and long term reliability. I'm usually hesitant to do single high capacity drives but I'd feel pretty comfortable with this.

@ericpost: Unless it was DOA, your drive is used. Not new.


@oatlord: Yeah. I think these are are perfect for streaming from a desktop PC. They are designed for desktops, they're fast (7200), and they are high capacity. I'd go for it if that's what I was looking for.


@kaisterbahn: WD is crap. ive had more fail on me than anything else. i have 15 year old maxtors that are still workimg. though i dont use them for anything much