dealseasy fill cupcakes pan for $16.99


I'd like to know if anyone has ever used this and how it worked out.. the picture just doesn't seem to add up to me.. the swirly tops wont look like what the photo depicts... will it?


@ucancallmetrina: I think the cupcakes pictured have frosting on top of the swirly tops that is in turn swirled up. So I don't know if we can tell what the actual top of the cupcake looks like without frosting on it. If you're going to put frosting on it, I don't know if you actually need the top of the cupcake itself to be swirly.

On the other hand, this thing lets you make cupcakes. That is enough to make it worthwhile.


@ucancallmetrina: At least from the zoomed-in picture the cupcake top looks like a cone. I bet they gave up making it look as nice as the mold, and cut it out, but filled in the missing sections with extra frosting.

That said, if you grease (spray) the tin, and dust with flour you may be lucky or talented enough at removing the cupcakes to get the actual shape of the mold. And if not, frosting is a great glue/mistake hider!