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Forgot the details on the actual item:
Dental Polisher works like a professional tool. It not only cleans your teeth, but also removes temporary stains and discoloration, but also eliminates plaque buildup.

Use just twice a week with toothpaste. The Dental Polisher works like a professional using the gentle rotating rubber cups to polish your teeth and give you a gleaming smile.

8-Pc. Dental Polisher Set gently removes stains and fights plaque.
Eliminates stains and plaque buildup
6 silicone polisher heads
Storage pouch
Use twice a week for healthy, clean teeth
Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included)


Here is the note from Greg Rosenbloom, President,

In 1999, my first son was born. He was 60 days early and had underdeveloped lungs. Luckily, we were at a great hospital with an outstanding Pediatric unit that was able to immediately begin addressing his problem, and now, 10 years later, thankfully, my son is happy and healthy, with no existing problems related to his premature birth.

However, not all parents are as fortunate as my wife and I were. We got lucky in the sense that his problem was immediately diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, there are many problems at birth that don't present themselves in as obvious a fashion as our son's.


Today, May 2 we pay tribute to Simon Sudman, the son of a good friend, who passed away at just over three months of age from heart failure. Since his untimely passing, his mother Phyllis has set up The Simons Fund, an organization dedicated to raising money to educate and offer free screening to children that may be at risk.

I can still vividly remember the day I went to visit my son in the hospital. After washing my hands and begining the walk down the hallway, I noticed a man I'd never seen before, crying over the incubator my son was in. That 30 foot walk felt like an eternity as every fear i had ever imagined flashed through my head. As it turns out, my son was fine, but the feelings I had during that eternal walk down a short hallway was more pain than that of all the emotional and physical pain combined from my life before that moment.


Now, years later when I stop and think what a horrible moment that was for me, I am reminded that in the end, my son was fine. While the day before that moment, I could never have imagined feeling the pain I did, to this day, I shudder to think of how much worse it would undoubtedly have been had my worst fears been true. And so it is for this reason, that we have chosen to help raise money for Simon's fund. So that we may help those that are closest to us and their families get through thier grief by raising money so that other families don't have to share in their fate.

For This reason, we have decided to offer the Dental Tooth Polisher/Plaque remover for $2.99 (proceeds to benefit Simon's Fund) and we'll even have the item SHIPPED FREE!


My wife and I had a similar situation to Greg's, although not quite as extreme. Our 2nd son was 35 days early and was in neonatal at our Pediatric unit of the hospital for 2 weeks until his lungs were developed enough to be able to come home.

As far as Simon's Fund, I was not aware of the organization until now, but as I purchase from Graveyardmall regularly, I am certainly glad to help out. And for those wondering, the shipping issues have gotten better in my opinion. No, the do not ship priority mail, but they do not say they ship via that method either.

Link to info about Simon's Fund: