dealsplaystation plus 1 year sub + three months free…


I always thought it was stupid, but then went for it when I found a game I wanted (free with subscription) and it ended up being cheaper. Although I don't get to keep the game after my subscription, I don't really mind, it's a pain to resell games anyhow. The games that come with a subscription are usually big ticket, and I hate buying new games. 50 bucks for 5/4 years? Sure!


If I already subscribe - will this add on to my subscription?


Yes the new subscription will be attached to the end of their current subscription plan


Just remember, the "bonus games" are not yours to keep after your PlayStation Plus subscription ends. However, if you purchase any discounted games during that time, those are yours to keep.


Also remember - these aren't 'bonus games'... they're the same 'free' game rentals that I and any other current subscriber has access to.

'Bonus games' makes it seem like the games are an added reward for buying something now.