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Only a 2.6GHZ processor when 1 core is being utilized.. integrated graphics aren't as good as the regular voltage CPU'ed laptops. An HD webcam is a nice touch, should be standard on all laptops. Can you believe some laptops still just come with a 1.3MP webcam (Asus u47a for instance)?


A 720P webcam is just 0.9 megapixels.
A 1366x768 is not "Full HD" (usually a term reserved for 1080p). This machine is still using a worse resolution than the 5-7 year old machines I'm still buying because the industry only cares about things being HD.


The time to buy a laptop is Black Friday. Just around the corner.


@danwat1234: turbo boost is 2.6ghz for 1 active core and 2.3 ghz for 2 active cores Good post, I never realized that about the turbo boost.


Full HD was a very poor choice to use for the screen resolution. As epakai mentioned FHD or Full HD is reserved for 1080p. Standard is :
HD - 1366x768
HT+ - 1600x900
FHD - 1920x1080

@epakai: I agree with you up to the point about still buying. Depending on the use case you can get away with 1366x768, but if you are trying to get work done on this w/o an external monitor then it is not going to go well.

Most all modern phones (and some not so modern phones) have this or better resolution.


@th3madhatter: Seriously. Anytime someone uses the buzz word "HD screen" on a laptop I automatically check the resolution. If it's not 1920x1080 or above (think Retina-like screens, say, Toshiba's Kirabook) then it's not FHD. I was able to get a new Lenovo y510p with FHD screen, 4th gen i7 and BR reader laptop for $999, and it's arriving tomorrow.