dealsh&r block at home deluxe + state 2012 [download…


Also, boxed is same price, plus shipping. Ends midnight 3/3.


Yep, this is a great price. I paid $19.99 earlier this year and that was the best price I had seen up until this deal. If you haven't bought it yet, I would jump on it now.


@90mcg112: +1. I ordered the box version of the At Home Premium a month of so ago for $26 and now it's $22. My wife used to work for H&R Block and this is the software she's used to working with.


This applies to the Corporate (in my case an S-Corp) which also included the personal version. A good friend of mine bought the boxed version for me as an xmas gift.

My business is small, and I keep meticulous records so it should be very easy to do end of year stuff.

Holy crow, what a steaming pile of dung! I worked for 6 hours trying to get things to balance the right way and finding all the places where I had to put numbers in. Eventually I just switched to 'Form' mode and filled the forms/worksheets in directly using the Gov instructions. At the end there was no e-file for corporate, and no instructions on which of the 20 pages it printed that should be mailed in!

It was SO bad that I didn't even bother doing my personal (home) taxes with it. I can only imagine how bad it would be to do my personal taxes. In the end I dropped around $150 for competing products - and was done with both corp & personal in less than 90 minutes combined.


(+)The price makes this software worth it.

(-)Be careful. Read the reviews. H&R Block had a great software for everything prior to 2012. This software has so many bugs. I was having a hard time finalizing my 1099 work and when I called customer support, they responded with "We are realizing there are a lot of bugs in our software right now and are working very hard to find a solution" This was last month (Feb 2013). No patch has released since than.


I bought the equivalent version last year. It was really, really terrible. Full of bugs and incredibly confusing. I also had to enter the same data twice for state and federal, and I was double-charged for the state.
There was also an outrageous fee for filing online - well over $100, so I ended up printing and filing by snail mail.
Admittedly, I haven't tried this year's version but based on last year's experience I would not use this even if it was free.


This software is terrible, so very bad... almost as bad as TurboTax.