dealssamsung dvd-c500 1080p hd upconverting dvd player…


Great price but lots of complaints on Amazon about this model being super loud.


CAREFUL, note this is NOT a Blu Ray, it is the old defunct HD DVD Player! I don't believe this will play Blu Ray!!


@councelor: It is not an 'HD DvD player' it is an upconverting dvd player. Meaning that it plays ordinary dvds and upconverts the video to HD quality.


A cellular website selling refurb dvd players. seems legit.


Don't most (if not all) blu-ray players also upconvert DVD's? We have seen many of those refurbished and sold in the $30-$50 range. I would pay the extra $20 and get a player that also plays the current generation of video discs.

Let me know if I am wrong on the upconvert part...


@joshcinco: Yes, I believe every Blu Ray player upconverts DVDs, but since everyone uses LCDs or plasmas with fixed resolution, an upconverting DVD player does nothing for you unless your TV's built in upconverter is terrible. On a nicer TV, you're usually better off letting the TV do the conversion.

Finally, I'd recommend getting a Blu Ray player, since they're relatively cheap now.