dealsdyson dc35 multi floor vacuum for $249.99 + $5.00…


I have one of these and I hate how much it cost. I could have bought a dust buster and a cheap upright and spent half as much for the same results. The suction is just like any other vacuum only more expensive.


Agreed. For $255.00 I could replace my dirty carpets!


Saw one of these once in a show about alien abductions...only theirs didn't have a mustache...


I bought the handheld version of one of these as a refurb. The battery life was lousy, only about 2-3 minutes or less (about 20 seconds after being left out in the cold to vacuum my vehicle). A replacement battery helped tremendously.


I had one of these for a couple of years. Short version: was decent, but not worth the price. Save yourself $200 and get a Black and Decker Cyclonic DustBuster w/ higher capacity battery, which will have the same performance, better ergonomics, and likely last longer.

- Suction is strong and stays strong throughout vacuuming, as opposed to filter-based Dustbusters that clog and lose suction
- Dust canister is bagless, empties very easily by simply unlatching the bottom hinged door

- Expensive
- Awkward (if interesting looking) form factor
- Poor battery life compared to my Black & Decker Cyclonic Dustbuster
- Died after a year of light use, wherein it would vacuum for 1 second then stop. The problem appeared to be short circuiting or overloading rather than battery life, because each pull of the trigger would consistently result in 1 second of vacuuming.


Move it wherever you like Woot. Woot. Home.Woot. Moofi. Bottom line is that the $250 you keep asking us to spend on a refurb isn't much of a deal compaired to the ability to buy it for the same price NEW.

Drop it to $199 and we'll talk.


For $200+, if I buy a Dyson, I want the biggest, loudest, fastest vacuum for my money.

In for 0.