dealsstarcraft ii: wings of liberty for $39.99


Is this really considered a deal on a game that's going on 2 years old?


Still playing and I bought it when it came out.


Pretty good price for a fantastic game. Blizzard games are truly extraordinary in that the price takes much longer to decrease over time than most other games. This game will continue to provide many hours of fun for years and years to come, as it is always maintained, updated, and expanded upon by Blizzard. Those that have played RTS (Real Time Strategy) games know Starcraft is one of the best. For those that haven't tried, Starcraft is a wonderful place to start, I recommend it!


If you wanted a better deal, you can always wait for the battle chest. Might be waiting for a while, though.


I bought this for a friend and then later bought one for myself 2 years ago.

It cost me around 43 dollars each at the time. I was kind of surprised to learn that it's still about the same price.

But, the game is that good.


This is still around? I want one then! Thanks!


I know the first Starcraft was fantastic. I am just hoping for this one to drop in price sometime. I hope Steam will have a sale on it.