dealsone million dollar bill novelty note for $0.99…


I want to know how many people are actually buying these. I know someone who plays around with dollar bills on Photoshop all the time. I wonder if he could actually make money off of it.


It's ironic that this company has made millions of dollars selling this item.


"Also a great conversation piece."

>Hey, check out this million dollar bill. It's fake.
>Huh, thought it was real.
>It's not.

I just bought ten.


You can tell it is fake because it is signed by John Adams, who died over half a century before the Statue of Liberty was gifted to the US.


Just in case my previous comment wasn't clear. I want to know if there is really a market for customized dollar bills. If so I will mention to the guy I know who does that sort of thing.


Send a few to your favorite presidential campaign and see if you get invited to anything special. :-)


@iluivatar: making customized dollar bills is just a gateway to actually counterfeiting money. your friend needs an intervention.


@kschom: Does this website also need an intervention?


heh, I passed one of these on the church plate when I was 9.