40% off and free shipping thanksgiving…


The website listed is for mobiles. I was unable to complete my transaction using paypal. I went to and was unable to get it to go to Paypal at all. I ended up using a credit card on the website and through their secure checking and was able to complete my order.

2 pairs dark rinse levis for the teenager (32x30) for $62 including shipping and tax.

That's a great deal. Amazon has the same size for $44.99 and the cheapest price I was able to get for back to school shopping was at JCP for $39.99 back in August.

Thanks for posting :)


@dreamyvelvet: Glad you found it useful! I realized after I had posted it from my tablet that it was a mobile address, but I was unable to edit it after the fact.

Wedit. Fixed!


Thanks! I was able to order 2 pairs of jeans and checkout with PayPal. The site says to use code BLKFRI, which is the same 40% off and free shipping.