dealslord of the rings extended editions on blu-ray in…


"IN STORE ONLY" ??? What kind of online woot deal is this? They do realize that woot.COM is an internet sales site, right?


I only spotted Return of the King...I realize it's an "in store only" deal but still...I'm not getting off the couch and going to the store just to find out they only have the one. Otherwise, $30 would be a great price to replace my "ancient" DVD extended editions.


@scapsinger: the site only shows Return of the King, but the deal is for all three movies. I pick them up myself today.


Awesome deal. I just bought all three. Now I just need to take off a day to watch them all...


Tempting but as lame as it sounds, I'm going to hold out fox a boxset. I want dat box!


i don't see the point in buying these up converted bluerays when it is the same as the dvd.


Managed to find them on an end-cap by the check-out at my local Target. If anyone can't find them in electronics, check there before you give up!


@blizatrex: About 3,100 shots (78% of the Super 35 film) were color graded at Colorfront in Wellington, NZ using 5D Colossus software after being scanned by an Imagica XE scanner full 2K resolution (2048*1536). The color-graded shots were then recorded on Kodak 5242 intermediate film by two Arri Laser film recorders at 10 bits per channel. Because only 78% of the film was digital, a digitally squeezed anamorphic print could not be made for the whole movie. Instead, the digital shots were recorded on an inter-negative hardmatted at 1.77:1, intercut with the non-digital original negative (which had been color timed by The Film Unit, NZ), and printed to 2.39:1 anamorphic Kodak film using an optical printer at Deluxe, LA. Fuji 3519-D was used for release prints.

EDIT: Source - IMDb.

TL;DR - Filmed in HD, so the blu-ray is higher res than the DVD.


@collegepoet08: Personally I appreciate when deals from major retailers are posted as well since I don't get ads from all the stores within driving distance and many of their deals aren't in ads anyways. I could see complaining if Target only existed in Oklahoma or something but it's an international chain they have them all over with roughly the same items stocked in every store so it applies to the vast majority of people who view the deal. Not to mention that the title says "IN STORE ONLY" to avoid having people who don't want to view an in store only deal being all excited and then finding out 20 comments down that it's an in store only deal.


Thanks for the heads up on this one. For those still wondering: all 3 are $9. At mine they were right at the front by the checkouts.


weren't there concerns about the color quality of the transfer on some of the LotR BR releases? i remember hearing things about green washout, but i could be wrong.


I went to Target and talked with the folks in the Video section and they had no idea what I was talking about. I found them at the checkout counter for $9 each. Bought them anyway.


@vonhaug: those look like the theatrical edition, not extended.
extendeds are going for $24 or so on amazon


Just picked up the entire set for $27 plus local tax. These are most definitely labeled as the Extended Edition. This is a week long sale and I was told that rain checks are available. As others have mentioned, these were on display near the end caps at a check out register.