dealsroku for $29.99


this is the older generation "SD" model that has composite output (no HDMI, and no component) and provides only 480i/480p signal - for info on all Roku models and a comparison chart, go to


Composite RCA and 480 only?

I wonder why they failed to put that essential piece of information in the description?

Thanks 098raynman!


Darn, wish this had at least a USB in for playing files....


if you're like me and still have a older "SD" tv for the kids this is perfect.


@bloodypenguin: If you have an always-on PC nearby, just install Plex Media Server:

Then Add the Plex app on the Roku. You can stream all sorts of videos to it, and it transcodes them automatically.


@bloodypenguin: Ditto what omnichad said—the Plex Media Server streams any media content to the Roku box. I use it on my Roku XD, and it works like a charm. I got my Roku as a gift, and I wasn't sure it was right for me until I installed Plex. Now it's my go-to device.


Using 3 roku's, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Plex we were able to cut our $120/month Direct TV and now spend about $15/month on our Video entertainment.


Beware of dailysteals. The two things I have ordered from them came with parts an essential remote and a power adapter! I won't buy from them anymore because their attitude is "tough luck".


Bought 2 logitech wireless mice from Dailysteals, both were doa and they didn;t return phone calls or emails. Buyer beware.


So far I haven't had any trouble with Dailysteals - I recently bought a Palm Pre2 new and other items in the past - no issues.