deals$10 livingsocial credit for $0.00



the sweetest word in the world


Someone already posted up a deal with this a couple hours ago. The deal was released early this morning. Forums on Living social already had over 25,000 views on them. This deal more than likely was dead hours ago, but because they don't reveal who got the credit for the next 10 days people will continue to try and get the credit. There's nothing to see here, move along.


@studerc: The other one was deleted because the "I Want One!" link was a referral link.


Thank you for participating. If you are among the first 20,000 people to correctly name the code words, you will receive 10 deal bucks credited to your livingsocial account within 14 days.


I probably wasn't in the first 20k but it can't hurt to try, right?