dealsklipsch hd 500 5.1 high definition theater system…


If I were in need, this would be a great deal.


This is speakers only -- no receiver, amp, blu-ray, etc.


I'm a big fan of Klipsch's sound. It's brighter and more clear than dome tweeters, and distinction that's not for everyone but does wonders for me.


If one has not listened to Klipsch, I'd advise listening to some before making a purchase. I would indeed call them bright, but bright to the point where they are harsh not bright as in warm. They are great speakers for bars (or unknowingly HS or college aged kids) but outside of that the are quite possibly the most annoying drivers ever produced on the planet. If you enjoy blood coming from your ears, then these are for you.


@dcguser: Take it easy there, big guy. I don't think blood will come out of my ears when these are shipped to me and I start listening to them. This is coming from a adult, by the way.


@fmslay: Did you even look? The amp is built into the Sub-woofer housing.


I love Klipsch. I haven't heard this system in particular, but I have Klipsch towers and center. They sound amazing. They ARE bright, but if you're watching an action movie, it sounds very realistic. Also, and brass instruments sound PHENOMENAL. Then again, mine have the horn tweeters.