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Lowest price out there. Last woot got mine within a few days. Arrived double boxed. Was brand new in OE sealed packaging. Upgrades to Jellybean 4.2 when fired up. Can't beat this shipped/no tax price for me.


Oh yeah, since going thru ebay you are protected and get close to $5 ebay bucks for purchasing so knock another $5 off.


They list it as normally selling for $299, when in reality Google sells it for $249 from their own website. So you're only really getting $20 off, although if you take into account free shipping - the real win here - it's like taking $45 off. Add in no tax and Ebay bucks and you're doing pretty well, honestly

Either way, this is the best tablet on the market, bar none. However, this close to Christmas, I can't justify dropping $230 on myself, so I think I'm gonna wait to get a refurbished 8gb Nexus 7 once they start popping up.


Cool product, but no Micro SD card slot for expanded storage.


Damn, I just bought mine two days ago... honestly I'm glad I bought from Wal-Mart though. With all of the reported problems with the screen, I wanted to be able to walk back in and return it if mine turned out to be from one of the affected batches.

Advice to anyone purchasing one in-store: Check the serial number. If it starts with "CA0K" then it's supposedly a newer model that shouldn't have a screen problem.

So far my Nexus has been fantastic. I don't care about the fixed storage capacity because I'm not loading it up with movies and stuff. I stream from my media server via uPnP.