dealsentree w/ purchase at select locations in theā€¦


none listed in the state of massachusetts.


looks like it is only valid in a location or two in CA, CT, and NY but all over NJ. The rest of the nation is left wanting ...


@thadpalmer: Nope, not Hackensack NJ, but good in Wood-Ridge, which is close enough...


Sorry, I had to downvote this not because it's a bad deal but it is very obvious in the link that the vast majority of the country cannot use it. Is it unreasonable to ask that the poster state somewhere that it's only valid at select locations in the northeast? This isn't a "enter a zip code and see" link, like a lot of the pizza and fast food coupons.


@idontkn1: Unreasonable, not at all. Did I see them when I posted the link? Not at all.

Listed now.

Valid in the following areas:

Newington, CT
Orange, CT
Hamden, CT
Linden, NJ
Clifton, NJ
Flemington, NJ
East Windsor, NJ
East Hanover, NJ
Hazlet, NJ
Old Bridge, NJ
Wood-Ridge, NJ
Morganville, NJ
East Brunswick, NJ
Freehold, NJ
West Orange, NJ
Springfield, NJ
Piscataway, NJ
Hamilton, NJ
Bayonne, NJ
Bronx, NY
Staten Island, NY
Yonkers, NY


@coondogg97: Thank you. Just to clarify it's only at "Participating locations in CA" not all of them.


Do people not realize that these give out your name and account number?

[wedit: Name removed]

I didn't dig for more info but there might be some somewhere.