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Too bad their not even made in the US


Is there a code for this deal? It is showing $21.99. I already have a set like this but if it is $17.99 I'll buy 2 more sets for keeping it in my car and at work.


showing as $21.99 for me too.


@mrdestructo90: It says right on the page "Made in USA".


@sdunham76: Yeah, and they've been getting sued because of it. They advertise craftsman is made in the usa when they actually make them in china now. Maybe this particular set is made in america, but I refuse to buy from a company that deceives its customers like this. I guarantee the majority of their tools are NOT made in the usa


To the best of my knowledge (which is highly limited) All HAND tools by Craftsman are made in USA. POWER tools is a different story though.

And all I see is the 21.99 price as well. Either price is not that big a savings either way.


Reg Price: $24.99
Savings: $3.00

WootMods please fix this.


"The tools in this Craftsman 17 pc. Screwdriver Set are made in the USA by a name you trust. Each blade is heat-treated and designed for getting the job done right every time. The slotted blade tips provide excellent screw holding, while the Phillips blade tips provide tight tolerance and a snug fit."

Also, it's "they're"


@nidrah: I used to think that until I received a this set but in the "Professional" version:
I disappointed to say the least to see "China" stamped into the head of each tool. It was actually my second set of these. I received the first one a few years earlier and it seemed to be better quality. However, I went back and looked - "China" on the originals as well.


Some Craftsman tools are made in China. This set claims to be made in USA. Either way, unpowered hand tools have a lifetime craftsman warranty. At least here anyway, they exchange them instantly, no-questions-asked, very hassle-free exchanges. Keep in mind though the inconvenience of having to frequently exchange them. I corkscrewed close to a dozen of their T6 before getting tired of exchanging them and bought a Wiha. They seem to have a quality problem with their precision tools. All my other craftsman tools have performed very well and only very rarely need to be exchanged. The only other recent exchange I've made was a 15 yr old large flathead whose head had started getting its edges rounded and was occasionally slipping, which they exchanged no-questions-asked.


@mrdestructo90: "Yeah, and they've been getting sued because of it." Citation needed, and please tell me it's not Loggerhead you're talking about, since that's a patent infringement allegation.