deals2 pack solar gutter lights for $18.56


Can't comment on the item but Heartland SUX!! I swore off them years ago - about 50% of the items I bought (and I bought a lot from them) were DOA, 90% of their stuff is refurbs.
The killer was they would call me to telemarket other stuff, like gas club, aaa-wannabe service, etc. 1 call every so often is one thing, but they'd call every day, 5 days a week. I had to actually have a cease and decist letter drawn up from my lawyer to get them to stop. I was telling them I considered them harrasing me and requested them to take me off their lists art every call - this went on over a month. One girl calling from them even got offended I didn't want to join their gas saver club and save money on gasolene, and that I considered them calling every day harassment!

I will never do business with them again,.


@rroberto: Bummer. Sorry that you've had bad experiences with them. I've purchased items from them, and had no issues, including returns. It's been a few years, though, so maybe they've changed their marketing tactics. A good deal on these lights, but caveat emptor...