dealsbluetooth phone remote with wrist strap for $14.99


Reviews are less than stellar for this, but man, has this price tumbled. I remember it being like $200 when I first saw these. Prices dropped and I again considered it for $40, but decided it still wasn't worth it. For $20, I just may have to give this a shot.


PC Mag was a bit more negative than "less than stellar" :,2817,2387897,00.asp

Yes that was when it cost $75, but still, "the homely Sony Ericsson LiveView is a half-hearted attempt at a wireless remote control for your Android phone; stay away from this one.", yikes.


@acraigl: Yup, that's about where I was on this. For the original price it was insane. For twenty bucks, it might be a fun toy.


It's only worth it IF you actually get it from these guys and IF it actually works. I had ordered something from them before at a price that was "too good to pass up" and never received it. Was not able to get my money back, either, despite going to the credit card company. All dailysteals had to do was show proof that they sent something out to my zip code (not even MY address, mind you) and that was considered sufficient proof. My zip code encompasses a rather large area, too :(


@acraigl: It might be worth it just to get away with checking your facebook at work with noone knowing


@alphag33k: Same place tried to make ME feel guilty that THEY "forgot" my order...I cancelled and got a random email everyday for about a week from them about how I "must not understand how hard it is to try and run a business", etc....


For $99 has a new watch project that you have to see! It's the real deal.


I purchased this on sale for 24.99 thinking it would be an awesome BT remote for my car but it has HUGE conectivity issues. I constanly get disconected or I am unable to connect, I have done the firmware updates etc... and that kills it.

Other than that I love it, You can display a map with your GPS location, control your music call people.
But all that means nothing if you can not keep a steady connection with the phone.


So instead of looking at my phone, which is always within reach, I can look at my wrist? This seems like a remote control for a remote control to me.


Or you could just look at your phone. what is the purpose of this device? your phone is in your pocket, on your desk, in your purse. so instead of grabbing your phone, you use .25% less effort to look at your wrist? I can't believe Sony even thought this was a marketable product. I seriously can't believe the company that invented the Walkman has fallen this far. First that Dash alarm clock thing. now this? let's not forget their ultimate fail. Betamax. It looks like Samsung is the new Sony.


I picked one up at $30, and it is a neat little toy, when it stays paired. I have a HTC Evo 4G running CyanogenMod 7.2-RC3 and I can't get it to stay connected. I guess it works well on some phones, not so well on others.



These are terrible. I got one for free and still threw it out. I considered giving it away, but decided I did not hate anyone enough to give this to them.

Battery drain on your device which has to have bluetooth on all the time, and then it cant even maintain a connection in any reliable manner, no matter the proximity. And it cant get the time without a connection, so its not even slightly useful without one.


@alphag33k: Yea, that's why I use PayPal with places like this. PayPal seems to be a bet more favorable toward the consumer than a lot of CC companies. But AmEx seems to be a really good one for favoring the consumer.


I bought one of these & received 2 weeks ago. Cool device, stays paired if you install the LiveView Charm(free on Google Play). The device needs to be in bluetooth range of your cell. I'm using the LiveView with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. I also installed The LiveView Application and LiveWare Manager (both also free from Google Play). The poor design = usb port to charge it. If you have it mounted on the wristband, you can't fit the usb plug into the port without having to take the watch off the plastic casing. They should have put it on the side. A full charge doesn't make it thru the day and that's with minimal use. Maybe a few more charges will do the trick? I tried the "Ah Watch" plugin from Google Play (free) and that works well. Apparently there was a firmware release for LiveView which I have yet to try. I need to verify what the current version is before I try this so I don't brick it. Hope this helps. ;-)


@brambleheart: Hey, you and everyone else who has Bluetooth connectivity problems with Android:

I was having issues with the watch constantly trying to pair with my G2 even though it was already paired. Solved that by editing the file referred to as step 1 in this link and things stay connected far, far better. If you're still having issues, you can use LiveView Charm (step 3). Creating a Tasker or AutomateIt task to start the phone app when the watch connects is a nice bonus.

I actually really liked how this thing was working right up until I lost it somewhere in my house during a move. I was going to investigate pairing it with my PC to see what else I could do with it. Oops.