deals"between the sheets" bath gift set for $16.99


FCS is offering 15% OFF your total purchase just for you wooters with the COUPON CODE : woot15

TODAY ONLY! for every order today over $15 FCS is giving away a FREE single use of "Rejuvenate Me" Bath Tea

No silly wooters, you can't drink the tea. :)


@wootiewooterson: I am totally waiting for you to have them as a sponsored deal.


@wootiewooterson: well if it helps you can tell them you didn't Pay me to say I love their stuff, but I am too poor to actually buy it right now so they need to do a sponsored deal!


A little factoid for you guys. The name of this boxed set is a play on the famous " bed" that you're supposed to add at the end of a fortune.


@fortunecookiesoap: i love playing that game!

i have had some that were so-so, and other that came out so frakking hilarious that i dare not repeat them here.



Oh Come-on Wootie your among friends....


I find better than adding "in bed" is adding "except in bed."


The price on this is actually $19.99. You can't list it for $16.99 in the headline and say in the first comment there's a 15% off coupon (that's the price AFTER the coupon). That counts as deceptive. Spell out the terms in the listing.