dealsooma for $139.99 + free shipping


It's better to wait for a few more days when the refurbished are at $99 at ... every month they seem to have them at the price:

Here is the link of the new one at office max:


You can make this deal sweet by adding their $30 off coupon code for $150 or more purchase for phone orders. I bought one for $0.99 from ebay.

Here's the breakdown of what I did to buy:
$140 OfficeMax Price
-$30 OfficeMax $30 off $150 Coupon
+ Tax
+ Free Shipping
+ 0.99 to buy coupon on ebay


The deals sanderhalet mentions above are not bad, but if you don't want to wait for a coupon or a refurb on Moofi, the posted deal is pretty good. And you start saving money sooner!

More info on the Ooma home phone system, including helpful hook-up info:

I've had Ooma for nearly a year now, and recommend it highly. My bill is between $3.71 and $3.76 per month. This pays for government taxes and fees.

You won't be sorry!