dealscards against humanity for $25.00 + free shipping


Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting this for a long time and refuse to pay the premiums demanded by losers who buy a bunch of these and then resell them at a markup.

fez fez

@fez: Your comment forced me to buy one.


Ok, after reading about it, I had to order. It will be a great game to take on vacation to the OBX!


Huzzah! It's a shame the Christmas expansion is no longer available.


not a deal. sold at msrp. tattle'd.

Just kidding, this is hands down the greatest card game I've ever played. Just picked up the expansion and can't wait to see what they've added.


I agree, probably the best card game I have ever played.


@unoriginal26 we've burned through this game and expansion packs 1 and 2 several times over. i'm excited to see the third one on the way!


@cowboydann: When I got the email for your comment I didn't read the name I just read the comment and got all up in arms about it.


@gideonfrost: haha- what, did you think it was zippy? :P

I saw you uploaded it, that's why I went ahead and said it.


@wacky1980: Me too! I saw that they had released the third pack and almost fell out of my chair! Can't wait to see what they added.


Here's something for those of you who are curious and want to try before you buy...


Thanks! Nabbed the game and all 3 expansion packs.


I clicked because of the interesting name. I went to the website and realized that I have actually played this game with friends before. The main thing I remember was having to stop the game for 10minutes because our entire group of 8 people were in tears laughing so hard.


I just bought the game and all 3 expansions lol


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!!! I bought it and both expansions at the same time around Thanksgiving and the first time I played it with friends, we played for 5hrs straight. Everyone's sides and cheeks were hurting from laughing so much.

For anyone looking to save a bit of money, the CAH site has instructions for printing the main game for free on proper card stock. As well as pdf's of blank question and blank answer cards. You still have to buy the expansions on Amazon but $20 is absolutely worth it.


@lmensor: The first time I got to play this game was on a vacation to the OBX. It's awesome.

iug iug

I don't remember when I've ever has as much fun playing a game as with this one - jaw muscles sore for hours from the laughter (infer what you will about the typical usage my mandibular joint gets!) After playing the first time, immediately bought expansions 1 & 2. Bought the xmas set when it came out, and thoroughly enjoyed the followup email they sent with the breakdowns on what the contributions were from those that purchased it, as well as a copy of the check they donated to charity from all profits from that xmas set.

Excellent company, in my opinion. Just ordered the third expansion set today, and delighted to see that they've produced 40% here in the USA. I recommend this to everyone, but choose your playmates wisely, as this isn't a game for everyone. (Well, everyone I know is OK with it, but given my geographic location inside a certain midwestern/southern "belt" there are surely many in my neighborhood that would only pray for my wretched soul.)


Download the PDF & print for about $10-15 @ Fedex Office on 110lb card stock. Coupon code CJN150 for an extra 15% off.

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> 0% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation



If you haven't played CAH, and you have a good sense of humor (and aren't put off by a bit of vulgarity, language, etc.), then do yourself, your friends, and family a favor and buy it. It's the most fun and hilarious game that I know of. It's like Apples to Apples if really cool, super funny, and demented people wrote the cards.


In for one.

Get this game.

Especially if you're easily offended.


I've been wanting this game for a while now, and it's finally at a price I am willing to pay! Especially since we have had our friend's copy of the game at our place for a couple of months now, lol.


My absolute favorite result was when the card "___ Kid tested, mother approved" was drawn. The winner of that round was "an Oedipus Complex."


If you want the Holiday Pack Expansion as well, you can create custom cards and just add the following:

Black cards:

After blacking out during New Year's Eve, I was awoken by _.

This holiday season, Tim Allen must overcome his fear of _ to save Christmas.

Jesus is _.

Every Chistmas, my uncle gets drunk and tells the story about _.

What keeps me warm during the cold, cold winter?

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me: three French hens, two turtle doves, and _.

Wake up America. Christmas is under attack by secular liberals and their _.


White cards:

Santa's heavy sack.

Clearing a bloody path through Walmart with a scimitar.

Another shiXXy year.

Whatever Kwanzaa is supposed to be about.

A Christmas stocking full of coleslaw.

Elf cuX.

The tiny, calloused hands of the Chinese children that made this card.

Taking down santa with a surface-to-air missile.


Pretending to be happy.

Krampus, the Austrian Chistmas monster.

The Star Wars Christmas Special.

My hot cousin.

Mall Santa.

Several intertwining love stories featuring Hugh Grant.

A Hungry-Man Frozen Christmas Dinner for One.

Gift-wrapping a live hamster.

Space Jam on VHS.

Immaculate conception.

XXXXing up "Silent Night" in front of 300 parents.

A visually arresting turtleneck.

A toxic family environment.

Eating an entire snowman.

NOTE: I had to censor 3 of the cards with X's =/


For everyone talking about the price... If you go to the Cards Against Humanity website, you can get on their list of when it becomes available at their price... its not that hard.