dealsyankee candle buy 2 get 2 for $25.00


This is a good deal especially if you don't want to purchase the large candles. Most of their other codes are only for large jars/tumblers.


Its not buy 2 get 2 for 25 .. its buy 2 get 2 for 50 ..atleast for the large .. i guess the smaller one would add up differently. I put 4 large jars in the cart and applied the code and the total was 51 bucks ...


@barnettb99: Depending on the size the price is going to be different (as you said). Deals.Woot defaulted the price to $25 and that how I left it.


So.... you buy 2... and you get.... 2....

That sounds normal....


I tried using both codes ($10 off and 2 for 2) and it wouldn't let me. Anyone have luck with that?


In my experience, Yankee Candles are fantastic for when you leave them lit in the guest bathroom on top of the toilet and then come back several days later to find the entire candle has melted and encased your toilet in an awesome modern art wax coating. Guests who saw it thought I was very talented with wax sculpting. I didn't have the heart to admit that it was the unintentional result of smelly poop and a terrible memory.

So, unless you want a special-looking toilet and a potential house fire, my advice is to not get the pillar candles, but go for something under glass.

And if you're migraine prone, stay away from the strawberry, the cherry, and some of the wax potpourri crap. Vanilla's a safe bet.


@gobethgo: I've never known Yankee Candle to allow code stacking. The website only accepts the last code or offer you use.


i dont think its possible to double up on coupons??? any one have luck with that? any one know when this will expire?


its buy 4 for the price of 2. if you only have 2 in your cart it is not going to change the price. add 4 candles, apply the code, and the price will be for 2.