dealsroku 2 xd streaming player (refurbished) for $59…


Most of these refurbs probably never had a problem and they are just returns from folks who couldn't figure out how to tune in Lawrence Welk.

"Mr Sulu, Set snark level 11 We're going in"


Most likely they were purchased by individuals who thought this unit would automatically vacuum the floor...."Honey, it just sits there and doesn't's defective!"


Does this do anything that my TiVo doesn't already do? TiVo has Netflix and YouTube connections, plus all the cable channels.


@uberchurl: Well, it is a woot site and what else would you expect other than another Vacuum to be posted?


I have been trying to buy one of these referbs for a week and each time you go through the checkout process it says "Unable to Initialize Express Checkout" Or it just says Your Shopping Cart is Empty.


i literally just purchased the XS model ( 1step up from this one) last Friday
and the damn thing is AWESOME!!

not only netflix but a thing called crackle and popcorn flix which are free
crackle is owned by sony entertainment so they have a pretty good sized
library of movies and TV shows all uncut they just throw you advertisements
a lot of B-C-D movies but lets face it a lot of them were actually pretty
good movies if you were a drive in connoisseur like i was back in the day.

i have just scratched the tip of the iceburg so to speak as there is so much more
available on this little thing and i can see why a lot of people in reviews have given
up their cable subscriptions.


One of the most important channel updates to perform!

Login to
Under Manage Account Block > Select > Add a Private Channel
Insert the following code: BPPIM.
Add Channel
Go to your Roku player and enter the channel store. Then exit without doing anything (This refreshes your channels)

You now have a dedicated Woot! Channel


I "thought" I bought a refurb directly from ROKU a month ago with my PayPal for payment...but they won't ship and don't communicate. Customer Service only reported that my IP address was too far from my shipping address so they put it on "hold".!!!!! :( Nobody seems empowered to do anything about it- just tell me billing dept is looking into it. Heck, if you can't purchase with PayPal and ship to verified address, what do you think of them for customer service after they take your $$.


I say this every time, my Roku boxes are the best purchases I have ever made.


@bingo969: sweet, i will add that as soon as i get home

vote-for3vote-against I need a third roku? for the kids room? office?

Take that metrocast.


I too have TIVO and am wondering if there is any use for a Roku 2 XD?

Any advise or comments? Would really appreciate.


If you have an enclosed entertainment center, it's definitely worth the extra $15 for the XS model, just for the Bluetooth remote. No line-of-sight necessary, unlike the standard remote...


@jlebon: I have a TiVo also, but use my Roku all the time. I don't trust the TiVo implementations of Netflix (and Hulu Plus, if you have the Premiere) not to crash the TiVo while I'm recording shows. Also, the Roku offers a lot more expandability for services (including HBOGo, which is useful because if you have a TiVo, it means you probably don't have On Demand from your cable). I love my Roku :)


@gnuman, @schmega, Can TiVo connect to 'Playon'? NO. check out Roku with Play-on, you dont need TiVo and it's bills.


Why can't I view pricing on channels without actually owning a model??


To those with TiVo. Scrap the cable addiction. Get this, then get Hulu plus (7.99) per month, Netflix (7.99 per month) add Crackle, Pandora, popcornflix, Ted talks, kidlet, snagfilms, USB media player, amazon instant video, search for Private channels, then cancel you cable as you'll have more media for $16 a month than you'll ever have time to watch. Get the upgrade for $15 more. Worth it for the RF remote, plus you can get some games too.


I was just curious if anybody has a definitive list of all the ROKU channels out there? Currently, I use my Roku(s) for Pandora, Netflix and Crackle. I have a weather app running, and it's convenient. Are there other channels out there that you all recommend?


@bingo969: Thank's for the link.

Lots of great channels.

The code for was bad, anyone know of a good one ?


We bought one over the weekend. The Roku player is awesome. Very easy to use, this one does full 1080, and it is about the size of a deck of cards. Very easy to use, the remote is sort of like what you'd find for a Nintendo Wii - only a few buttons and nothing is confusing.

It comes with component video but it also runs HDMI (you have to supply the cord).

We love it so much we're thinking about getting one for our second TV.


Sanderclan - there's over 100 channels. Lots of them are religious, but their Newscaster channel has pretty much any news network you can think of. There's a host of independent movie/TV channels, a handful of games, and some old-time radio/TV channels. Also a lot of religious channels... we're not into that so we didn't add them to our approved channel list.


@w00tgurl: Thank's for the link.

The third post was from the developer and he states he is no longer updating or supporting it.


Okay, I'll bite...what's a Roku and what does it do, what's it good for? Why would one need it?


I have two of them. You know how you keep from getting them confused with your vacuum?

They don't suck!