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I got a 2TB of this brand/style a while back. It has a some cool "encryption" software that locks and won't allow access without a password (works on Win & Mac? but not Android)

The chip that runs that software kept flaking out- paid to send it to WD and they sent me a refurb that still didn't work everytime I plugged it in.

Bought an external case, reformatted the drive, dropped it in and it works just fine a year later (much time spent in dusty Afghanistan).

---------------Several friends bought the same drive and had the same experience.


@autobahnsho: Do you have a link to instructions to reformat? Mine will not allow reformatting apparently because of the partition with the proprietary software on it that can't seem to be removed. Can you give any help? I think my drive might be failing though and it may be a moot point. I can access some files and some others not. I was going to try and reformat to see if it would remove the "smartware" and start working correctly.