dealspreorder for $10 any pizza hut pizza for super…


you can ALWAYS pre-order at pizza hut, and 10 dollars for any pizza is their current deal. They're just advertising this so they don't get slammed all at once with orders. This way they can project how much dough they'll need to thaw the night before (they use frozen dough discs) and they won't run out. $10 for ANY pizza...unless you want stuffed crust, or a double topping, or extra cheese, or if your store is franchised it might be $11. I don't know how that special isn't bait and switch when they use the word "any."

i worked at a Pizza Hut for 3 years and it sucked...other than being drunk or high most of the time, and the hot waitresses...and the free food...Pizza Hut was fun.


@fat50strat: Oh what I thought the deal was was $10 for any medium pizza (idk about toppings). The way I saw this was any size any topping for $10. Which is quite different.

EDIT: But then I also saw just now a deal on deals.woot! that showed what you just said. So now I just have no clue.