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I love our Roku, but I would hold out for the XS over this XD. It gives you the USB port and ethernet connection. I have converted some of our kid movies over to mp4 format and put on a USB drive and have it in my son's room. It's been great.
The ethernet connection came in handy when we realized it had a weak wireless signal in his room and would sometimes buffer when watching certain movies streamed from Netflix. I bought a set of adapters to plug into the outlets and run a wired connection using the house wiring and that solved the buffer issue.
As for Roku programming, there are a lot of channels out there, but I don't see it being a direct replacement for satellite or cable programming, not really even close. We have satellite and didn't want to pay for an extra box for my son's room. This works great with Netflix and some other kids programming.


@hondaman88: USB drive is one way to go, but Plex works on any Roku. It took me a little fiddling to get it work, but it's awesome once you have it up and running. (it's a wireless streaming media server).


Yep, Plex is it. I've got over 500 movies on Plex through a server in my closet and it works great!


@mgherter: Yes, Plex is nice. However, if I'm not mistaken, also requires additional resources to be running (i.e. a laptop, server, desktop, etc.) to stream the media. The USB allows for simple, direct plug-n-play. A person doesn't even need a home network. There are obvious means to get "fancy" with the home network- Plex being one such way -but that isn't always the easiest solution for most. I'm not downplaying Plex, it's a great tool, but the USB option is great to have.


@hondaman88: i agree that the usb is nice to have BUT please correct me if im wrong here, doesnt the video have to be encoded precisely in such a way so that it can play the file? or has something changed and has it gotten better in that department? reason i ask is my roku has the usb port and i swear its only played like one file of the few that i have tried to play from there. luckily i also have a boxee box that can play whatever i need via my network, but have always wished that the usb player was more reliable on the roku too. has this improved?


I am so close to cutting the cable. (Wife is the hold out)
Can I use this to get The Voice on the TV?
So far I have tried ChromeCast to the TV but doing this is too much for the PC I have (5 1/2 years old)
If so how?


Missed the edit. Hulu Plus said no mobile devices for The Voice. (ChromeCast is perfect in Hulu and Netflix for other shows.)


@wuwee: The Roku only plays certain file formats (it will not play .avi). I've had great luck getting it to play everything I've put on the USB in mp4 format. One file was HD so I had to re-wire some things so I could get it on the HDMI port, then I changed the Roku settings (to 1080) and it plays fine now. I have a bunch of kid movies on it, and so it's great not having to fool with DVDs.
For those that don't know, there's a USB "channel" that you have to get on the Roku that lets you explore the USB drive. It's free. And from what I've read, the SD card can not be used for this type of storage, it's only for apps/games and channel info (system files I guess).