deals30% off sitewide - stacks w/ sale items


2 t-shirts and a pair of jeans for 37 bucks + Free shipping. I'll take it!


Is anyone else being told you have to use an Old Navy, GAP, or Banana Republic card to use the code, or am I just special?


This deal is still pretty good (I got a hoodie, 2 button down shirts, a pair of shorts, and another sweatshirt for $45 with shipping and tax included) but be aware that you have to buy one item at full price (ie, not 30% off) and it defaults to your most expensive item. If you can, try to get items from their already on sale stuff since this coupon code stacks.


You don't have to buy any items at regular price. The coupon isn't valid for everyday steals and hot deals. its very rare their coupons are. They generally don't work on jeans either but they don't bother to put that in the sale details.


@scarieone: You are right. The coupon's details says: " Offer not valid on Old Navy Everyday Steals & Hot Deals." I had tried to buy some "everyday steal" jeans, they wouldn't work with the coupon, but I switched it to shirts, and it worked. Too bad I don't want shirts. :)

By the way, the error I was getting about needing a specific card was from when I tried another coupon code. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused.