dealsstar trek: the original motion picture collection…


Ooh, these are the special ones that feature Kirk AND Spock. I hated the other movie collections that only featured one of them in the movies. I didn't want to buy two sets, now I don't have to.


richrauch - That was for DVD, not Blu-ray. The DVD is $21.49, compared to the $24.49 deal you referenced.


@salsashark42: DOH! You're right. My bad. This is a BETTER deal all around!


In for the Blu-Ray set, won't my wife be happy :-)


A chunk of hubby's Christmas is now taken care of. (They also have the TNG movie bundle for the same price.)


Yeah, this is the best price the Blu-Ray set's ever been offered at. It's mostly been hovering around $55-60 for the last year or so. I'm pretty sure it's been in the Gold Box before, but at a price this low there's not much reason to wait to squeeze out another couple of bucks. Nearly everyone would agree $5 per major feature movie is reasonable.


Selling off stock before the director's cuts come out probably.