dealsrazer anansi mmo gaming keyboard (refurbished…


I've been considering this and $53.00 for a refurb on a $90 original price isn't bad. Looks like it would be $11 for a Squaretrade which is still ahead by a good amount.

In for 1.


Seems to be a typical modern Razer product, great specs, great marketing, great looks, really mediocre reviews everywhere.


It was between this and the Deathstalker for me. I love scissor switch keys. Hopefully this one has low profile ish keys or else I'll be selling it to my brother who is looking for a keyboard for 10 bucks less.

Had hell trying to order the Deathstalker from razer's site or I woulda missed this deal.

I do have to say the keys under the space bar and the keys to the left of the main board look super helpful in game and really nice to have, something none of their other keyboards offer to my knowledge.


No glowy lights. How are you razer if you don't shine :(.


@28980: It lights up! It's just a light blue/white key color and it did not show up very well.


@brutherford: Pretty sure you can make it light up in other colors, too


I'm using one now they have 16 million color key backlighting. I have had this for a month and i really like it.


@brutherford: Uh, mine lights up in a full rotating spectrum of colors unless I configure it not to...


Not mechanical, therefore not worth spending this much money on such a terrible keyboard.