dealsgarden & gun magazine subscription for $3.60


Am I the only one who finds this hilarious. I'm really thinking about a subscription just for the laugh.


@nafsllib: Only problem I see is that description on the page lends it more to be like "Sunset" or "New Yorker" than "Better Homes & Gardens" meets "Guns & Ammo."

FTFA: Garden & Gun represents a celebration of Southern Lifestyle at its best. Offering lush photography and top quality editorial. It also delivers a unique look at outdoor sporting activites, fine dining, personal style & design, and travel destinations throughout the South.


I'm a Garden & Gun subscriber--I'd describe it as the Southern version of Town & Country. They print plenty of articles about food and restaurants, I've seen a few on hunting...not so many on gardens, but maybe that'll come in Spring.

It's more of a put-it-on-the-coffee-table-and-flip-through-it-occasionally-because-it's-pretty magazine than it is a pour-through-it-cut-out-articles-and-recipes magazine.


The concept is funnier than the actual magazine. I was bored halfway through an issue. There were only token gestures at gun topics. The rest was really bland.


It's 14.99 no3 3 something. Beware.


Ordered for my wife. She loves to cook and she loves to shoot !


For when those hydrangeas just won't hand over the damn wallet..


@hugeace007: The coupon code was "expired" when I tried it.