deals25% off remora "no clip" iwb concealment holsters


I don't get it. If your pants are tight enough to hold this thing, why not just shove the gun in your waistband? I'm not disparaging it, I'd really like to know.


@reverendjohn: It's important to keep the trigger covered. Fabric can get caught on the trigger and I hear that having a gun go off in your pants is quite painful!


I tried several times place an order, but their system is messed up. I gave up.


A couple of reasons: An unholstered gun can slide around quite a bit. The holster also hides the shape of the gun. But more importantly, the holster protects the gun from sweat and body oils - things that don't mix well with metal or alloys.


@john92024: If your problem was with the coupon code, don't cut and paste it, actually type it in the box, that finally worked for me.


@cebooher3: Did you hear that from Plaxico? LOL


in for 1, as long as it stays in place, it should be a good substitute for my huge leather IWB holster.