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Bought one of these about a month ago, even though I already have a Vitamix -- this is smaller and clean-up is easier. May not be as powerful as the Vitamix but works well for a fraction of the price (and doesn't heat up the mixture if you run it too long...). This deal at Kohls isn't bad, but you can get one from Bed Bath & Beyond for $80 ($99 minus 20% off coupon...) And it does not include the $10 Kohl's Cash Credit.


AKA Magic Bullet although a cheaper version


@stevenmg: Magic Bullet is their other product and it's similar in appearance, though it's smaller, has a less powerful motor, and maybe a smaller cup. According to the FAQ on their website, it's better for food prep and smoothies and such, while the NutriBullet actually liquifies whatever you put into it.


Just got one of these from the sister-in-law. Friggin' phenomenal product. Very easy to use, and it liquefies pretty much anything. Already losing a bit of weight from the diet plans that are included in the box. If you are looking to replace those fast food meals with something that tastes great, then I would highly recommend this.