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There will be a new version of this set soon that includes the original Producers film (circa. 1968). The Producers will be out on Bu-Ray for the first time on July 2nd.


Great movies but, Spaceballs & Men In Tights... not so much


@dnlkolender: Spaceballs not so much? Really?!?! That's got to be in my top 5 favorite movies of all time


I have not seen the Twelve Chairs, although I'd like to. I love Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, but everything since then gets a "meh" from me (except maybe the remake of To Be or Not To Be, which was OK).

Maybe you had to see Spaceballs as a child to think it is good. It has a few funny moments, but there are far more unfunny ones. That whole merchandising bit could have been cut.


Excellent film collection, particularly Twelve Chairs!

Also, Spaceballs and Men in Tights are amazing. If you didn't enjoy those what did you appreciate from the rest of Mel's movies? Assuming it wasn't the comedy if you overlook those two.


That whole merchandising bit was due to Lucas not allowing Brooks to sell any items from the movie. This was in the licensing agreement before the movie was made and Brooks thought it funny.


Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner were recently on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee". Mel is a funny man -


@skispeakeasy: Thanks...that is good to know. I have not seen The Producers and want to see the Mel Brooks version.


Amazon had it for $24 less than 3 weeks ago when I bought it...


My only "complaint" about the movies is the directors commentary. In most cases they watch the movie and comment on it. These seem to be more like kinda rambling stories about the writing, financing, casting and don't even run the length of the movies. Still interesting, but not typical commentary.


It's good to be da king!!!

That's cool that the producers is finally joining the set


@suspenser: Whoa!!!! Err, Spaceballs SPACEBLEW! & men in tights gets a big meh... The rest were utterly awesome; especially the Spanish Inquisition period of History Of The World Pt 1:

"Will you convert?" "No, no, no, no!" "Will you confess?" "No, no, no, no!" "Will you repent? "No, no, no, no!" "Will you say yes?!?" "No, no, no, no!"

"I've asked very nicely, I've said pretty please; I've worked on their elbows now I'll work on their knees!!"

Simply put, Bill Paxton is good but SB & MIT just don't stack up to his old slapstick or greats as in: Airplane, Naked Gun or even Hot Shots!!! tbc...


@suspenser: Both the original & the remake of The Producers are absolute must sees... Peter Boyle as The Monster killed me in Young Frankenstein ("Fronk-en-steen") singing Putin' on the Ritz. To Be Or Not To Be is a great piece of such depth; such a seriousness within it, within its silence, and sounds of war... A very hard, ambitious success of nuance filled story telling that is able to infuse comedy with a most atrocious time of real human tragedy. And here's the real difference: class, talent! We're talking the likes of: Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle (rip), Madeline Kahn (the fabulous!), Marty Feldman, Dom Deluise, one whom we lost far too soon in Gregory Hines, Mel himself (vintage, in his prime Mel) & many more...

I leave you with this: "When you die at the Palace, you really DIE at the Palace" lol xD


@dnlkolender: Maybe I just didn't get something about it... But to end up the most down voted feels like a bigger success than most up voted this time around!

And ahhh... the pendulum continues to swing so high, yet soooo low. :p