dealssave 65% on pillow factory dual compartment…


I just came from their web site and I must say their pricing is strange.

If you click on the 1 standard pillow you get charged $49.99. If you click on the 2 standard pillow set you get charged $100.00. While that's not really bad it gets worse.

Clicking on one queen size gets you a price of $59.99. Clicking on two gets you a price of $130.00.

Clicking on 1 king size gets you a price of $69.99. Clicking on 2 gets you a price of $150.00.

If you add them to your cart you do get charged those prices.

If however you click on the "1" pillow for any size, add it to your cart, go to your cart and change the number from 1 to 2, 3, or 4 it will give you correct pricing; (ex. 2 king will be $139.98, not $150.00).

If you add 4 king pillows individually it will cost you $279.96. If you add them as a set the cost will be $300.00.

You get nothing additional, from what I read, if you buy them sets as opposed to entering them into your cart 1 by 1.


Even with my previous comment above I would still like to know if anyone here has purchased these pillows and what you think of the quality.


I don't have experience with these pillows, but comments from a previous offering make me hesitate. Odd pricing seem to be the norm here. Very weary of dealing with a company that works like that.