deals2-pack electronic bug zapper racket - eradicate…


Have a Harbor Freight near you? You can buy these all day long for $2.99 on sale or $3.99 regular price.


@cinoclav: you beat me to it. These are always on sale @ Harbor Freight


@cinoclav: Word.

$3.99 on sale...heck the retail price is still only $7.99. If pay $10 you're thick.

OH! And here's a "$1.20 off fly-swatter for $2.79 ea" coupon code: 61906823.

Just need to figure out how to pay less than $7 for shipping...I suppose I could just drive 15 minutes...


@cjwonder: Keep in mind that this ad is for 2 zappers for $7.99

However, like everyone else has mentioned--$2.99 at Harbor Freight most of the time-----and use the 20% coupon that is in their circular and get one for $2.39