dealsmegabyte punch (windows / mac) for $0.25


@thunderthighs: Can you please add the following picture as this post's thumbnail?

Like last time, I tattled on the auction and it hasn't been done. If I put an @thunderthighs in the tattle, do you get copied on it?

I've asked the people that run this site to please put the main product picture somewhere on the main page where deals.woot can find it. It would be so wonderful if we could just provide the link ourselves, though. I think people tend to skip over the posts with no picture.


@cleverett: No, putting my name in the tattles doesn't send me an email. I usually only skim the tattles because they're often to expire deals and the deals staff does that. Putting in a post with my name like you did above sends me an email. If I'm available, I'll be glad to do it.