dealshammermill copy plus paper (ream) after easy…


This is in-store only, though there are a bunch of decent $0.01 deals for erasers, pencils, etc.


The link is dead for me. It says, "We're sorry, no add for this location" or something similar.


Same as above. I can't get it to work


@soig: @leilaniandjake:

Yeah, the Staples site stores the specific store in a cookie or some such so it won't work off the link in the deal.

Go to the store locator (, enter your zip code and then click on the weekly ad link for your store to verify that the deal is available there. (Or just go to the store anyways... since you cannot order this online.)


On my way to Staples now, and my wife, the Ph.D. in shopping, says we might find a few other things in this sale, too!

Thanks for the info!


I did a similar deal a few months ago.

I got a letter in the mail saying that my purchase didnt qualify - they wanted proof of purchase, receipt, and original rebate form....not such an "Easy" Rebate after all.

I ditched it - my time is more valuable than $4, so I just decided to not shop at Staples any more.

Just keep all of your paperwork and you will be fine im sure.