dealslock & lock ceramic bake and serve 8-piece set…


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I bought these and ended up throwing them away. For a lock n' lock brand they stunk !!!!


When the lids are cold, they are not spill proof. When I put hot food into them, and then let them cool, there is a good seal. The instructions do state that these lids aren't spill-proof. You cannot use the lids in the oven, and I would not recommend using them in the microwave either.


This item name with this picture makes me question its ability to protect whats inside :X


Sold out.

They also have an eight piece borosilicate set for $18.


I NEVER found where I could trust the seal in the freezer. So then, what your saying in order to get a good seal that I can trust in the freezer for a couple of months has to be HOT when you put it in! That's ridiculous! I'll stick with my Ziploc Freezer Containers and bags.