dealsplanet of the apes - 5 film collection (bluray…


Gave 1 up vote for price, but where can I down vote for it being from Wal-Mordor....


I love how they blow up the world in the 2nd movie and still managed to make 3 more movies :)


@deadeye37: They blew it up to avoid sequels (per instance by Charlton Heston I believe) and the studio wanted one anyways so they came up with the lame time traveling story arc. Of course with the world blown up, there was only so many options.


Charlton Heston made the original Planet of the Apes a cult classic. I'm amazed the transition from Moses to Ape Man.


A down vote because I'm down on Walmart? Seriously people lighten up. Anyway, everyone hates Walmart.


This is an incredible deal, but be aware, a couple of these movies have some trouble being played in some blu-ray players (the 1st movie in particular). (they won't get past the beginning loop, before the menu)

If your player is less than 2 years old you should be OK.