dealshp pavilion h8 hexa-core desktop for $539.99 + $5…


While I dont really trust Beats Audio headphones, (See: Monster Cable.) This looks like a pretty good rig for the price, once you replace the obviously weak power supply that HP always provides.


yes it will play diablo 3 for any one that's wondering but a power supply and grahics card upgrade wouldn't hurt


I'll buy anything with H8 in the title.


I think this would be a good choice for me.
I do a lot of picture taking, manipulating, and storing. Boring!
Plus I like some civ type games.
Will this run dual monitors ok?
I could check my stock portfolio while I conquer the world!


This seems like a pretty powerful PC (minus the power supply). If I was in the market for one I'd pull the trigger on this. I'd replace the PSU and the video card, though. I don't like Radeon. My problem is that I would probably more than double the cost with a nice GT 580 card.



It will run Diablo III, but just barely. The 7450 is just a touch over minimum requirements, so you're looking at 1024x720 resolution at minimum settings to get playable frame-rates.

If you do want to upgrade, I would recommend this radeon 6570 for $40.

And this power supply for $40 (it's a good brand, plus it's modular which is a lot easier to work with).

edit: all prices after MIR

The 6570 would run Diablo III medium-very high (exceeds the recommended requirements by a good amount) depending on your resolution.

Also, another thing to note about this PC is that it has a 5400rpm HDD. That might be a little too sluggish for some...


Hey Woot you guys have a wrote in the comedy letter thing that there is 8 gigs of ram and in features it lists 10...? Which is it? Can I have the 2 gigs difference for free...maybe you guys can spare it and the typo was on purpose for me to find?


Hey all!

I seriously knew that Woot would post a pretty killer desktop tonight, but I was afraid to wait. I just (today) purchased a refurb Gateway and I haven't done a thing with it yet. I'm wondering if I should return it for this bad boy.

How do you think the FX-6100 compared to the i5 2320 ?

This is the Gateway I got: Gateway DX4860-UB33P (after tax, cost was $503),2817,2394490,00.asp

Return for this? Or no?


@dwass: Hey, so it depends on what you are planning on doing with the desktop. This (woot) one has waaaaaay better graphics than the integrated intel hd 2000 on the other system. The integrated is super sucky for anything other than browsing the internet. So if you are doing moderate graphics processing (stuff that isn't cutting edge), I would go for this one. However, this card is not going to be amazing either, so if you plan on doing heavy graphics processing, you will want to get a new graphics card and power supply anyway. The extra money spent on this one would probably not be worth it.

As a side, games haven't really increased in system requirements because they are all written for the xbox and the xbox hasn't been changed for 7 years. Or whatever. Either way, a long time. Most games will run on this system, and run decently. My bro's 4 year old laptop runs ME3, Skyrim, etc like a champ


@coryb13: Games are not all written for the XBox (that makes no sense), and I can promise you that your brother's 4-year-old laptop is not running modern games at max settings at a high resolution.

Even when a game is ported over from the 360, we typically get better graphics over here on the PC side of things.


@alfredenigma: It will play Diablo III, as long as Blizzard lets you. :)


newegg just posted a 72 hour sale and has a few killer deals. Amd phenom processor for 120, sure its a few year old model and a quad core, but you can easily over clock it to a 3.9 without any power increase. and a few other great deals like the 1 TB hdd. if i would be in market for a new rig, for about same price ($700) i could have a much better CPU. i said 700 becoz obviously you want to change the (profanity) PSU and graphic card on this system. Anyways i just got into Adobe After Effects and making a few videos, my current system with 10GB of ram is total piece of (profanity)t when trying to render videos, no way i would be waiting hours for a 30 sec video. So im putting aside atleast a grand to 1500 to build a new cpu with I7 core sandy bridge.
So if you're into editing tons or video or making them, getting this system is a waste of your money.


Eh, a refurb. Someone else bought this loser and it crapped out on them. How did it get so reliable the second time around?


@gorbag: Normally I think refurbs can be a great deal but last time I got an HP refurb it was a total lemon...


@evawheel: I've purchased 3 HP refurbs from Woot over the years and they have performed like champs. So, YMMV.


@coryb13: I've never downvoted a comment before, but this is so horribly misleading I had to. Where in hell did you get the notion that all games are written for the 360?



I hate it when this happens to me... I got the exact same system last month for $650... :'( Wish I had waited...

By the way, I'm loving the system, it works like a charm! :D



@gorbag: Our office is currently running 6 HP refurbs purchased from Woot over the last year, and they've had 0 problems. Sometimes, the returns are scratch and dent in shipping, ID-10-T errors, PEBKAC, not all will be hardware failure. As long as the offending part is replaced by HP, there should be no issues. As already stated, YMMV.



Every HP desktop that shows up here needs a power supply upgrade and maybe a video card too. Yes, it does depend on what you will do with the computer, but why can't HP give us a better power supply instead of turning it into a DIY project for us?

I realize it is a piece of cake for many to upgrade, but I really think HP would sell more PCs if they just improved the power supply instead of shifting the job to the buyer.

Rant out.


@arndta: Wow, that's weird. Because they are. And not, it won't play anything at max settings. Did I say max settings? I said moderate graphics processing. Does that sound like max settings? Many of the games today are written so that they can be played on the xbox. The xbox is old. The games don't require much processing power. If he wants to just play the popular games, this will do fine. There is nothing misleading about that.

Except for Diablo 3 and SC 2, I don't think there is a game that I want to play that isn't on the 360 or ps3. Oh, and I run them all on a 3.5 year old asus. Runs em like a champ. Are they on max settings? No, because I said moderate graphics processing.


@comiczoner: Look what I said to arndta, because it's to you too. Most of the popular games are written for xbox. Many of them may not be ported over, but graphical settings will be minimal, and this computer would run them at low-medium settings. If there are any settings...


And before you guys start posting hate comments, consider this. Not everyone wants to go through the work to change out a gpu and power supply. Not everyone knows how to do it, is confident that they can do it right, or they man be afraid they are going to blow up their computer.

These same people probably don't care about max settings on the games they play.

These same people are also the ones who are asking how good this computer is. If they knew how easy it is to change out a psu and gpu, they woulnd't be asking this question.



The i5-2320 is a better processor than the 6100.

The main problem with the 6100 is that it has six cores, while most programs can only use one-four cores, leaving it at a disadvantage.

Even when utilizing all six cores of the 6100, the four core i5 still will still outperform it slightly (passmark "proof": 6100 vs 2320.

If I had to compare the two systems, I'd probably say stick with what you have.

8gb of ram running in dual channel is more than enough for most tasks vs the 10gb non-dual channel ram we have here. The HDD in your PC is lacking as it's a 1tb 5400rpm. I'd honestly suggest getting a small 60-120gb boot-drive SSD with either of these PCs. The graphics card in this machine is better than integrated graphics on the i5 (it will be able to run 1080p video though), but you can buy something like a 6450 for $20 after MIR, or get the gpu I suggest earlier in the comments with a psu for $80 for serious graphic power.


@arndta: Not all games are targeted for consoles like the 360, but a lot of AAA titles are.


@bmason3604: You're right, but I'm not willing to pay the premium for an i5 (or i7). I already own an i5 box but I'd rather have extra money to be able to buy next 2nd latest batch of cpus next time there's a new platform. As long as these AMD processors are compatible with linux, it's all good for me.


Looking for a new rig and had a few questions. I have an HD camcorder and an external blu-ray burner. I would like to manipulate / edit the HD camcorder footage and burn it to blu-ray discs. Probably less interested in gaming on it (as I now do most of that on a PS3), but wouldn't mind the option of gaming on this as well.

Considering that my primary uses will be surfing the web, editing word documents, editing photos and editing footage from the camcorder, is this a good choice? Also, how difficult would it be to install a SSD as a boot drive? Any recommendations for a good SSD for this?



I went for it. It's a good mid range system for the price. I spent $350 and got a GTX 570 and 650W PSU to put in it. That should make it a pretty formitable sub $1000 computer. I probably would have got at least a 7200 RPM hard drive too, but I know I have one sitting around here somewhere...


@coryb13: wow.... the 13 must be age? and ps. all games are written for the ps3!


Guess what? This system actually runs with the included power supply and graphics card.


What the hell. In for one.

Any recommendations for a good graphics card?


how do they get 10 GB of ram? 4+4+2?