dealssheer thigh highs with wide lace top, black, nudeā€¦


Ummm, why is she holding that black box? It's blocking my view.


@matthew2424: This is what happens when bra designers get lazy.


I tried to buy from these guys. Order never arrived. Post Office said they delivered it. They refunded my money but then refused to ship to my address ever again even with signature required, so they won't be getting any of my business.


@whoster69: Your issue is with the post office - they screwed up. Don't blame the company that shipped it and refunded your money. If you see your letter carrier on the street wearing something sexy, I'd start asking some questions!


@ojulius: While the post office may have screwed up, it is weird that they would decide to never ship to him again. At least they refunded the order though.


@racingfreak92: Exactly. I'm being penalized for the Post Office screwing up. If they had said signature required that would have made sense. Instead this company is treating me like I'm at fault.


@whoster69: I think if you had not gotten a REFUND but asked them to please ship a replacement product there might have been less suspicion. As a small business owner myself, I do not fault them for having a modified shipping policy for this situation. You would be surprise how many people will try to defraud a small company. Ohcheri refunded, which is the right thing to do, but they are also protecting their business from a repeat, which is also the right thing to do.