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The deals are nice, but it seems like some of the original prices are really high. Since when does a Wii cost $399? It would still be a great deal if the original price were $200, ya know...


@kllangellier: without looking at specifics, I suspect you're looking at a bundle if you're seeing that kind of price. Did you look at the specs to see what's included? While I wouldn't pay even close to $399 for just about any bundle, i wouldn't be surprised to hear that the MSRP is that high. just a thought :)


Something fishy about this.. the deal keeps changing, the prices are all wrong.. first had a DSi @ $60 with an original MSRP of $299 crossed out, then came back 30 seconds later and it was an Xbox 360 @$70 with an original MSRP of $399, then the Wii showed up and the prices were still wrong..


Yeah. Seems that whatever I click a product on that site, it returns a page with a different item.


@aim1this1way: Not only that, but I can't even sign in or view my cart. The site must be completely slammed right now.


It's definitely slow right now, and so far it all seems to be pre-owned consoles. Make sure you read the descriptions.


@tiamat114: I could be wrong but I believe cowboom only sells used products.


Just got a 80gb PS3 in my cart for $99.99


@segafanalways: I'm certain you are right, but the used condition varies. I've seen so far:

Condition: Pre-owned Product Grade:
6 - Some fine scratches or minor scuffs

Condition: Pre-owned Product Grade:
5 - Some scratches and/or signs of use

I haven't seen anything below a 5, but it is always good to read so you don't think you are getting one thing, and end up with something unexpected.

Also, Reseller Ratings has them listed as a 4.35/10 over the past 6 months (but only 185 ratings total).

So in short, do your research before pulling the trigger, so you are sure of what you are getting into and there are no surprises.

Edit: I just found a Grade 4:

Condition: Pre-owned Product Grade:
4 - Significant scratches or scuffs


Just so everyone knows, cowboom is owned and operated by Best Buy.


I bought a tablet from them 2 weeks ago during the fire sale. The tablet did not work so i requested an RMA. It was almost immediately granted and I am now awaiting the refund. Their customer service is pretty good and very helpful, but the devices were returned for a reason.


I purchased about 25 items from Cowboom and only had to send one back (it was an iPod that only played out of the left channel). They sent me a return label so it cost me nothing.

Though you shouldn't count on this, in my experience the items often arrive in better condition than stated. I've purchased several items with 5 ratings that ended up being in near-mint condition. Of course, I avoid the listings that note heavy scratches or other significant damages.

That being said, their website is pretty awful. Pages fail to load fairly often, items regularly show up as in stock when they are not, and I've had problems adding items to my cart in the past.


Seems like a hit or miss, if you miss you get your money back, it just might take awhile for the process to go through.

Is anyone having any luck creating an account or navigating away from the main page, I'd love be ready to grab a PS3 if it comes up again.


@birdman2007 Here is a trick for anyone wanting a cheap PS3. Add anything to your cart (preferably one of the daily deals). Then go to your cart and look below your total. You should see "things you may like" and in that selection is a 80gb ps3. Choose "select best available" and you should get one put into your cart for 99.99. You can keep doing it until you get one in the condition that you want. I decided that I really wouldn't use a PS3 so I released mine back into the wild.

EDIT: also it will say the best available is $119 but when you add it to your cart it should come up as 99. At least it did for me just now.


just got a DS XL for $74.99 - Thanks for the heads up. These are $140 used at our local Games Exchange type place.


I was finally able to get something in my cart, but now I can't get to the cart to check out. Their site is horrible.


@finfan365: I have had luck using their mobile site, just go to, it actually loads and refreshes a lot faster.


last time the had this sale i bought a 160gb ps3 for $149. it was rated 5 - some scratches and signs of minor use. when i received it in was in mint condition and it worked perfectly.


@mortar235: Awesome advice! I totally just ordered a PS3 80GB and an 360 Elite 120GB for $99 each. The site was a bit wonky, but the stuff ended up in my cart without too much hassle. I used PayPal checkout and it went through fine.

I figure I'll risk $99 on the odds that the 360 will hold out for a bit and not RROD on me... Already have a PS3, but was thinking about a blu-ray player for the bedroom and this is a way better device that happens to play blu-rays for not much more than a decent blu-ray player.

EDIT: Actually I was just trying to show this method to a co-worker and it doesn't seem to be showing $99 consoles... Maybe I got the only ones?


@silentcatalyst: You may have just gotten the one I released and maybe it was the only one? But glad it worked for you.


@silentcatalyst: Yeah, I have been trying it without luck, it just keeps adding it for $165.

I've noticed the $119 keep popping up every once in awhile, I am too slow and it is always gone but keep checking.


@birdman2007: 360 elite will still come up as $99 for me, but I'm guessing you're after a PS3...


@silentcatalyst: Yeah, I grabbed a 160 gb slim 20 min ago for $130 with everything included so I'm happy, a 320 went up for $160 also. Theres also been 4 gb slim 360s up for $99, just hit F5 like a madman. Fire sales always make work more exciting.


Clue: The deal keeps changing because their stock continually rotates through items in various state of disrepair. The good news is they tell you more or less what the item has or doesn't. The bad news is you can never be quite certain what condition the item is actually in beyond the vague guidelines you provide. Best Buyer Beware.

Since this is the way they always do business, I'm failing to see the "deal" here or a reason to post it (again) on woot.


For all of you who are just finding It is a pretty good set up when you get how things go down. I have scored both a zune Hd and a xbox 360 S from them. The xbox deal was extra sweet because the remote came with a rechargeable battery attached to the back of it and even thou the box was scratched up a bit, it worked like a charm and I could use xbox live. So I have no complaints.


@ozzallos: It is a deal because their products are on sale of their discounted price. The PS3 Slim 160 GB for example is $216 normally on their site but if you find it on Deal of the Day fire sale its $130-150. Buyers should inform themselves be aware by reading the about us section on the website, but that goes for any website your new to buying from. Most people would rather have something cheap that might be worn but works than a brand new thing for twice the cost. The following is an important part of cowboom, so if you don't like it, return it, all you waste is time and availability of your money for the return period.

"30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but if you're not, for whatever reason, we'll take it back. No hassle, no questions asked! It's that simple. "


@ozzallos: I just bought a 250gb xbox 360 S for $149 on the last fire sale and it works like new. Like birdman said if you don't like it just send it back cause the place is owned by Best Buy and they ain't sweat'n you on returns.


Since I've been watching the site for awhile I thought I'd sum up what everyone has said / the deals I've observed.

CowBoom Deal of the Day - This will keep rotating keep watching it. Everything has shown $5 shipping. The item is "reserved" once its in your cart, so if it add it to your cart and then review it and complete the purchase if you want it.

All items are pre-owned. Review the pre-owned condition, the site details them out, standard for the sale seems like 5-6. Make sure to look at whats included / not. The majority of the products are DS's but I have seen everything listed below.

Nintendo 3DS - $109.99, variety of colors
Nintendo DSI XL - $79.99, variety of colors including the Mario Kart one
Nintendo DSI - $49.99, variety of colors
Nintendo Wii White - $49.99
Nintendo Wii Black - $79.99
Xbox 360 Slim 4 GB - $99.99
Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB - $149.99
PS3 Slim 250 GB - $149.99
PS3 Slim 320 GB - $169.99
PS3 60 GB - $89.99

30 day return policy, no questions asked.