deals$100 off windows 8 laptop and desktop computers…


You are evil.

Can I use this on the computer I bought yesterday?


@banai: Return it then buy it again maybe?


I had to drop what I was doing to go to the store for it, but I scored a $600 new computer, on sale for $480 due to instant discounts, for $380 plus tax...and got to use my Staples Rewards account number, too.

Woot rocks! Thanks for the great tip.


This worked great. I was able to stack it with my Staples rewards and get another $39 off. Bought a desktop with an AMD-10 processor, 8gb ram, 1tb drive, bluetooth, USB 3.0 ports, etc, for $367 including tax....I hope the kid likes Windows 8.


The people at Staples were awesome. They did a price match, so they basically returned the first then resold it to me with the coupon. Better than the Black Friday price, which was $50 less, because it was already reduced in price.

I bought a new office today to go with it, using the 25% off on a new desk and chair.