dealssteam summer sale - day 8


Been wanting to try Xcom for a while. Looks like a good time. If I can resist the crack addiction that is Sim City 4.


Stay away from "Infestation: Survivor Stories" originally removed from Steam bc it was such a mess. Guilty of false advertising. Clumsy, bug ridden, very little cheat protection, very little content development, and void of originality. Astonishingly awful. Metacritic score (~25?) has been removed from its page. Don't subject yourself to this. (-TotalBiscuit)


@wootfast: It was originally "World War Z" when it came out, no? I can't believe they gave that crap a second chance.....


Yeah, that infestation (was World War Z) has huge issues... 3 top are

Uncontrolled players killing other players (including newbies)
Cheating (lots of exploits)
Micropayments is about the only way to play the game.... unfortunately the above two issues makes spending ANY money in this game a waste.

Look for reviews if you don't believe me.... :)


@sailorspork: are the dlc packs worth picking up as well?


@wootfast: now its a 20 meta score!!!! It got worse! HAHA


I just grabbed Bully Scholarship Edition for $3.74. Sales ends at 8pm on 7/19/13 CDT


Finally got XCOM! Missed it last night it was on the steam sale. Been thinking about getting SimCity 4, but not sure if I should just get the new SimCity instead. Any thoughts?