dealsfree shipping site wide for woot customers


So it may not be my kind of site, but I do show love to those that are willing to give the Woot community a little something extra.


If they really wanted to pump up sales with their core demographic, with every purchase they could include a six pack of Monster energy drink, a year's supply of Axe body spray and a size 3XL shirt with flames on it.

And maybe a Dave & Busters or Hooters gift card if they spend more than $75.


This is a good deal if you buy something oversized and the shipping is free.


They have a 3-pack of fillet knives for $5! The same knife, one of them is $6 on Amazon with good reviews. Great deal, thanks for the heads up.


BudK is a great site. I will say some of the stuff on the site the quality isn't the greatest but that is why you are getting the prices you are getting on some of it. I've bought many things from the site and will continue to buy from it!


And here I came to the BudK thread thinking it would be another argument about anti-Semites and the holocaust. Glad I'm wrong!


Wow, who buys this crap ?


Coupon is not working anymore.