dealsvideo blocks in a box - 2gb pre-loaded 200 stockā€¦


Any clue as to why this is getting downvoted as if this is the crappy jewelry deal of the day?


I have no need for this, but if I did it looks like a bargain. I upvoted it. The samples on the website look to be very high quality.


@damaged: I think it's a knee jerk reaction. Honestly, it's a silly idea to distribute something digital on a memory stick like this. Why not just offer it straight up digitally online? Back before broadband, I could understand it. But what kind of person would need this type of service and NOT have broadband internet?

I think that's the reason for the downvotes. It's not that the product is necessarily bad, it's just that people are like "$90 for 2GB of video clips on a memory stick? What is this, 2003?"


@bakntime: this would be for people wanting something to give away at conferences. if you justtell people, hey, go to www.blahblahblah.whatever/whoisgoingtoevencare, they probably wont do that. give them a 2gig mem stick, in person, theyll remember the gesture for one, and will at the VERY least have to see the videos for a moment in order to delete them from the card. Its a cheap price to assure yourself the videos WILL be seen by a number of people, as opposed to HOPING people take the effort to go to a specific website


I think its due to VideoBlocks having a reputation of being scammer's (almost all reviews are 1 out of 5)


Do they give you a license to use the stuff or are you going to get sued by the real creators if you use it commercially?


Just think! With all those stock explosions, you could be the next Michael Bay!


Having read the forums and review websites on Video Blocks, I couldn't find any complaints about the service ITSELF, but just that you will be charged for a minimum of 1 month subscription if you download any clips, even if you're on a "free trial." But that's all in their ToS, too.

So, no free lunch. Maybe not a good marketing strategy, but people on the internet expect everything digital to be free, and licensing stock footage is not free.


@hervipr: Normally they require you to be a subscriber, but as a subscriber you are free to use their footage for anything from youtube to for-profit showings. Although it seems like it would be difficult to recoup the costs of a $90/mo service for any non-professionals.

I was curious as to whether the footage on the stick was under the same agreement, but with it only being 2gb of data, it probably doesn't really matter either way.


wow, looks like crocs has some competition


@bakntime: It not only gives access to the 2 GB content on the USB but also 6 month free access to their online archive of 100,000 clips. I think the clips on USB would be covered by their license agreement.

They also have a 7-day free trial on the site, just cancel before 7 days to avoid being charged.